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We understand busy parents are in the hard time to take care for their kids, as Kulaya Group we have been prepared the best solution that might interests so many parents in Dar es Salaam and outside Dar es Salaam, we provide babysitters who are well trained, experienced and educated who will take care of your baby in the highest degree of standard when you are out, we also offer house maid who will take care about your entire house and everything like cleanness, cooking, house organizing etc.. Please don't hesitate to give us a call or Email for further information. Thank you.

your baby will be happy all the time

BABYSITTERS IN DAR ES SALAAM, we know happiness is healthy, is our duty to ensure your baby smiles every second, as we do what we can to make your baby awesome. 

Classes for Kids

Our Babysitters are well educated and smart, they can take your kids to another level, they can train your kids in case needed

Personal hygiene for Kids

One of the most things we consider is cleanness, we ensure that your kid (s) will be cleaned and healthy look every second.  


Our prices based on the ages and service, 

1. Kids under three years and kids above three years.

2. Those who need lesson for kids and those who are not

payment can be done

weekly / monthly


Our Instructors

Our top three Leaders

Emanuel kulaya


Hallie Cobb

Executive adviser of the company


IT Expert and HR

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